sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

Tentacles & Witches ♥ Fan Animation

Advertisement created for Twitter:

A little fan art animation of this great series hentai, I hope you can enjoy it, if you want to see it without censorship join my patron and you can enjoy it and many more animations




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domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

The vicious adventures of ross - [Game Over] ♥

No todas las aventuras de nuestra exuberante amiga acaban bien... siempre hay finales alternativos, aunque para muchas personas una derrota siempre puede ser el comienzo de una caliente victoria...

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viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

Alien City - Demo [ In 3 Animations Differents ]

Disponible en 3 colores diferentes, todo el contenido en mi patreon.

Podéis disfrutar del Demo y descargarlo, gracias! 

Aquí los otros 2 colores:

sábado, 25 de marzo de 2017

Jiggly Girls [Fan Art Animation] ~ RossTeddy

One of the great artists like Reiq and his great series of hot drawings like his great saga '' JigglyGirls ''
I encourage to give life to one of his famous characters to please all his fans by offering this hot animation, who can not love the tentacles in the world of hentai?

I hope you enjoy this little DEMO and encourage you to be my Patreon and form a nice and large family

New animations are about to appear next month ...

Kisses ♥

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viernes, 17 de marzo de 2017

Process of a porn animation ♥

One of my great fantasies is to see Ross wielding a lot of talkative members at the same time or in turns ... Now as I started with the animation I was able to achieve my dream actually making Ross the first to feel All the virile fantasies we keep in the Hentai world and be able to take it to the most beautiful.

Character process:

I start designing our exuberant friend Ross, who will be our guinea pig to support all the penises of those sizes and shapes that will take turns taking turns to enjoy Ross's vagina.

Viril Process:

Once Ross has been created, we process to create his great friends ... which are a total of 6.
6 beautiful bizarre fantasies in the Hentai world that will soon become reality in a single animation.

The expressions:

Each penis has a different shape and size and that should be noted when they enter Ross's vagina, making it put one expression or another depending on the size and thickness ;)

Animation completed!

And with all the steps we have a nice pornographic animation

¡Muchas gracias!


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martes, 14 de marzo de 2017

Inyouchuu ~ FanArt Animation

Animación basada en el anime Inyouchuu, disponible en Patreon con todos sus detalles y sin censura... espero disfrutéis de esta animación tanto igual con el anime en si, os dejare unos links para que encontréis el anime [SIN CENSURA] 


Episode 1 -

Episode 2 -

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